E++: Migrating Plug-ins from Eclipse 3.x to 4.2

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Standard Talk [25 minutes]

Eclipse 4.2 brings e4 technologies into the mainstream. This next generation platform offers model-based user interface design, declarative styling, and a new services-oriented programming model. It's easier and more flexible than ever to create Eclipse applications and plug-ins. Developers who have already created 3.x plug-ins and tools will want to take advantage of the more streamlined look and feel of the workbench in 4.2. In this session, we'll discuss best practises for bringing your 3.x work over to 4.2. We'll start by looking at binary compatibility and finish with a full adoption of the new 4.2 mechanisms and APIs.

Jon Dearden is Senior Software Developer, Advanced Tools at Research In Motion. He is an Eclipse advocate, contributor, and presenter.

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