Developing Embedded Systems with Damos

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Standard Talk [25 minutes]

In the field of embedded systems, data flow-oriented design is commonly used to develop complex systems. This allows engineers to focus on the application domain rather than on the implementation-specific details of the target platform. Furthermore, data flow-oriented design facilitates the specification of the physical environment for simulation purposes.

In this talk I will give an introduction to the open source Eclipse-based data flow-oriented development environment Damos ( In the first part I will shortly introduce the concepts of data flow-oriented design in comparison to control flow and state-oriented design. I will then introduce the main components of the development environment: the block diagram editor, which is used to model the embedded system and its physical environment; the simulator, which is used to validate the behavior of the system; and the code generator, which is used to generate C code for a target platform. In the last part I will show how to define your own block types using the declarative scripting language Mscript. For illustration purposes, an example application for the Arduino platform is used throughout the presentation.

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