Developing Applications for Your Smart Home with QIVICON

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Standard Talk [25 minutes]

QIVICON is a new platform for the smart home market powered by Deutsche Telekom. The OSGi-based QIVICON Home Base is the central communication hub that mediates between different home automation protocols and acts as a service gateway. In this session we will give you a live demonstration of how to develop an application as OSGi bundles and deploy it to the QIVICON Home Base.

To leverage its open concept, QIVICON provides a powerful SDK as a toolbox for developing applications that can directly interact with sensors and actuators throughout your home. A device abstraction layer and a flexible query and filter mechanism allows to easily cross system borders between different protocols and hardware devices.

For realizing a hassle-free installation and update experience for the end user, the QIVICON Home Base can be fully provisioned by backend servers. This covers its firmware and applications as well as specific hardware drivers.

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