Desktop, Web and Mobile: Learn one get two for free

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Standard Talk [25 minutes]

The frameworks of the Eclipse platform make it possible to use the same code base for desktop, web and mobile clients. This talk will tell you how our product OTIS (Oil Trading and Information System) evolved from a single-plugin RCP application into a multi-plugin RCP, RAP and Tabris application. At MEKO|S we have a small development team. It's a big advantage of having to learn only one framework to use for all three types of applications. We only have to write the code for a new feature once and it can be used on all three platforms immediately.

Petrol Station owners use the RCP desktop software to manage their petrol stations and do the invoicing. They profit from the basic features which a RCP desktop application has to offer: multi window, modern look-and-feel as well as mouse and hotkey access. Fuel card users that buy petrol at these stations can also use the provided RAP based web-platform to be able to view all their transaction and invoice history. The pages of the RAP application consist of parts of the RCP application and have the same structure and look and feel. The Tabris mobile client provides additional access for our clients to service their customers from home during non-office hours. We have a different user interface on mobile phones but we can use the same backend code.

This presentation is about the technical principles and best practices on how to create and maintain a single code base for all three types of applications. We will have a live demo of all three clients to show how quickly additional content for desktop, web and mobile can be added. This part will also give you an overview about the structure of our source code.

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