Desktop apps on tablet devices

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Extended Talk [55 minutes]

Tablets and touch devices are getting more and more popular. They are obviously the next cool thing.

First Apple and later Google with Android made tablets a reality that more and more people like to use.

Many approach this as a technology challenge:
- HTML5 for desktop and mobile devices
- packaging Webfrontends into a native app container
- Porting toolkits from desktop to tablets (JavaFX)
- modeling an application to make the generate Application run in multiple environments
- running RCP apps on a tablet using RAP mobile (now Tabris)

While technology is important, this talk will concentrate on the expectation of the enduser for the UI. What are challenges in the
UI concepts for tablets ? How do your UI patterns that you love and use frequently translate into the new tablet world.

There are obvious differences:
- limited Display sizes on tablets
- different input device mouse vs touch
- tablets are often used mobile on the go
- technical limitations limited battery, unreliable network
- different set of widgets

Still you want similarities between the two worlds so that desktop app users easily find their way in the tablet app.

And does it make sense to have all the desktop functionality on the tablet ? What are obvious focus points ? What kind of people
prefer tablets and why is that important for me as a developer ?

In this talk a software developer and an interaction designer who have practical experience in both worlds will talk about their
experience and will give you many examples of what works and what doesnt. The talk will have some best practices and advices on what
to do when going from desktop to a tablet devices.

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