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Standard Talk [25 minutes]

Sandvik Coromant ( has for the last 3 decades heavily depended on automated design of their products - cutting tools for the manufacturing industry. By using CAD system APIs, mechanical engineers have been developing programs that create 3D models and drawings of products tailored to customer demands.

Developing these programs in general purpose languages has been time consuming and error prone due to the fact that the engineers are not very accustomed to programming in general, but experts in product variant configuration.

Using Xtext we have created an adapted domain specific language and tooling for our engineer-to-order process, relieving the engineers from low level programming tasks, making it possible to fully focus on solving the problems of the engineer-to-order domain.

In this session we will show our two languages, a demand driven expression language and a 3D modeling language, based on Xtext and Xbase. There will also be a demonstration of how a program is executed with an integrated CAD environment.

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