DAWN - an Eclipse-based workbench for scientific data analysis and visualization

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Standard Talk [25 minutes]

DAWN (www.dawnsci.org) is a collaborative open-source venture currently being led by large science facilities (mainly, synchrotron light sources) to develop data analysis, visualization and workflow tools for interpreting scientific data.

International facility sites such as Diamond Light Source (Oxfordshire) and the ESRF (Grenoble) conduct experiments in a wide range of disciplines including structural biology, health and medicine, solid-state physics, materials & magnetism, nanoscience, electronics, earth & environmental sciences, chemistry, cultural heritage, energy and engineering. These disciplines use a variety of experimental techniques that acquire data which require specialist knowledge and software to analyse. To aid scientists, we aim to provide easy-to-use GUIs to simplify their analysis tasks and help them interpret their data.

DAWN comprises a common set of plugins: some have been written by the collaboration and others included from the open source community. These form the basis for members of the collaboration (and indeed, anyone) to build customized perspectives with a bespoke graphical interface for particular scientific techniques. Scientific data file inspection and comparison, plotting, graphical workflows and scripting are supported.

This presentation will show some of DAWN's capabilities and demonstrate some scientific data analysis GUIs and python scripting.

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