Cut the Gordian knot – The QIVICON eco system for smart home

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Standard Talk [25 minutes]

There are lot of products available for smart homes – from do-it-yourself packages up to professional, exclusive or industrial solutions. Most of the available products are silo based – no easy integration of additional devices from multiple manufacturers, no additional wireless or wired communication options. Even the software environments are closed, customers are restricted to the available applications / configurations of their product provider.

Deutsche Telekom is entering this smart home market as part of its Connected Life and Work strategy. Together with major international partners from different areas like utilities, white good manufactures, consumer electronics manufacturers and home automation vendors the QIVICON ecosystem has been announced. QIVICON will cut the Gordian knot to provide an open platform, for more protocols, devices from different vendors. QIVICON will provide an open platform, where the QIVICON partners and developers will provide their own smart home applications to the customer, which is free to choose the applications which fit his needs best.

QIVICON is using common standards for Home Gateways which is heavily based on OSGi as core technology platform.

Carsten Otto, responsible for the platform and partner management will present the concept and business rational behind QIVICON.


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