CSI:NY, Navy CIS, ... Eclipse RCP, OpenChrom?

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Who does not know all the series like CSI New York or Navy CIS? People are running franticly from room to room, taking and preparing samples, using analyzers and zack getting the results. Easy, isn't it? Indeed, it's not so easy as it seems to. But what the hack has the Eclipse Rich Client Platform (RCP) to do with it? Surely more than you would have initially thought! All these laboratories are using several techniques to identify substances and chemicals, among others chromatography and mass spectrometry systems. Moreover, chromatography and mass spectrometry is used for example to monitor the quality of foods, to reveal and detect drug abuse, to answer questions in the area of forensic science or to detect chemical weapons. Hence, these techniques are essential today, but they are most commonly only known to specialists. Despite of that, who of us doesn't want to eat clean fruits or would like to be protected against environmental influences? But without software, it wouldn't be feasible to evaluate the recorded data files neither to get results. Furthermore, it's a big drawback that only a few big companies are producing and selling detector systems bundled with their proprietary software. Thus, it's not possible to compare data sets from different system vendors, to extend the systems as well as it's not possible to investigate the correctness of the used algorithms or to develop and invent new analysis techniques easily. Hence, there is a need for an open source alternative. That's the point where the Eclipse RCP enters the scene. OpenChrom is based on Java and RCP technology and is designed as an open source software solution for chromatography and mass spectrometry. Hence, it is now possible to use it as an open source alternative to the ChemStation and other commercial products.


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