Control System Studio: A platform for control system management

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Standard Talk [25 minutes]

Control System Studio (CSS) is an open source platform for control system management based on Eclipse. It forms the foundation for configuration and operation of industrial-strength distributed control systems. CSS is developed under EPL license at several sites around the world. Initially the CSS idea appeared at DESY in Hamburg so its main application areas are cryogenic control for superconducting devices as well as machine control of high energy physics devices.

This talk describes some of the applications as they are run at DESY, the architecture of the platform and summarizes the benefits of making use of the eclipse platform.

Applications built with CSS are used for

  • configuration of the process control system (IOConfigurator, Database Creation Tool, State Notation Language Editor)
  • operation of the process control system (Alarm and Acknowledge Server)
  • human control of the facilities (Alarm Management System, Synoptic Display Studio)

The CSS platform itself consists of a core, developed in agreement with other institutes which contains basic functionality like startup management, logging, rights management, gui support and the like. Next we have layers which support the integration of domain related tools. Several readily available plugins are used in CSS, esp. workspace-related like Navigator or CVS tools. We also use CSS to build headless applications running as servers.

The Eclipse platform helps in a lot of ways to keep all this stuff together. Finally the talk shows briefly how we make use of OSGi technology / Extensions / Preferences / Products based on Features / Fragments / P2. Given this we find the help of Eclipse twofold: It gives us a lot of APIs but also a structuring mechanism powerful enough to provide for a sound architecture and a cooperative framework for development (not to mention the IDE itself).

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