CICS and Java - OSGi within business critical mainframe environments (continued)

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Standard Talk [25 minutes]

This talk is about the OSGi integration in the transaction monitor CICS. CICS is the leading Mainframe transaction monitor in the world and is used by many Fortune 500 companies. The traditional languages on mainframes are COBOL and PL/I but in the last years Java became more and more important.

CICS reacts to those requirements in several steps. At first a JVM was integrated to run single threads within CICS as user programs. This concept was very inflexible and was not adopted quite often. But with Version 4.2 CICS introduced a OSGi runtime in CICS and today it is possible to create high performant Java applications that are able to profit from all the Mainframe capabilities, like 99.999% availability or hardware cryptography.

In this session the specialties of the Mainframe, CICS, its implementation of OSGi (Equinox is used) as well as potential use cases will be shown, including a small demonstration.

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