Chocolate Based Development

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Standard Talk [25 minutes]

After agile methods, devops, continuous integration, model driven development, ... here is coming the new awesome approach to improve quality and productivity: CHOCOLATE!

This talk is about a true story of the birth of the famous "choco-commit" during the development process of software at Obeo: when somebody commits source code which doesn't compile, he has to offer chocolate to everybody.
At the beginning, it was just fun (and nice to eat). But, after several months, we realise that this idea is an improvement for the quality of our development (as you don't want to be responsible for our colleagues becoming fat).

I will explain how developers take care of the source code they created, and of course, as we like chocolate, how we added:

  • Hudson builds to detect new "choco-commit-because-my-nightly-build-fails",
  • SWTBot tests to detect new "choco-commit-of-my-functionnal-UI-tests",
  • Quality, Performance and Best Practices checks,
  • Reuse of Eclipse Foundation process for our internal projets (Patch reviews, Must-do / Should-do),
  • a CDO based client to vote for ambigous choco-commits,
  • ...
  • and administrative faults for non-developers !

I will use all these examples of industrialisation for software editing as a way to make an overview of our vision for building high quality Eclipse based plug-ins.
This talk also concerns executives: quality process is better accepted and respected when it's deployed with fun and pleasure instead of stress.

Of course, there will be free chocolates to eat during this talk if you detect issues in my talk!

Slides are available here.

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