Blasting Out of the Past with OSGi

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Extended Talk [55 minutes]

OSGi containers are well known as excellent platforms for development of new services and applications, but are generally undervalued as migration vehicles. Through OSGi, it is possible to reap the benefits of a layered, modular architecture without sacrificing the hard-earned stability of existing services; platform engineers can build an abstraction above the legacy world and expose this model as a consistent set of services, and application developers can write new applications that are independent of future changes to the back end. While there are many ways to achieve this separation of concerns, OSGi is uniquely qualified for this mission.

At LiveOps, we are using OSGi to extend our scalable multi-tenant architecture and accelerate development of new features using this layered model. In this session, I'll detail our architectural approach, technology choices, and plans for the future so that others might learn from our experiences, both positive and negative.

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