Assisting Software maintenance by connecting existing Source Code and Tasks

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Standard Talk [25 minutes]

During software maintenance, developers are confronted with large amounts of code and little insight about the originial design decisions and intentions.
Most of the time is spent reading and understanding the code and determining the implication of code changes.
Projects utilizing the Context feature of Mylyn (or a traceability solution) offer a major advantage to maintenance developers.
Such tools enable the developers to be more efficient by support him at:
* localizing the defect cause
* localizing the correct location of the fix/change request
* determining which regression tests to re-run

Most projects however did not utilize these features from the beginning.
With new features in Mylyn Versions, these information can be retrieved from the source code repository and assisting at his day to day maintenance tasks.
The talk shows how to utilize Mylyn Versions to implement a lightweight traceability solution upon Eclipse Mylyn, as well as general overview and other use-cases of Mylyn Versions.

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