Declined Sessions

Metamodel Mashups: Synchronizing Across Modeling Languages with Model Hub
Ted Epstein
Building Industry Solutions

Models are everywhere. Our challenge is to figure out how to interpret them, even when they aren't expressed in the modeling language we expect.

Best of both worlds: Rapid application development with grails using the powerful user interface of Eclipse RCP
Karl Skibinski
Other Cool Stuff

Grails is is web application framework, following the principles of convention over configuration. It hides most of the tedious boilerplate work from the developer, enabling him to write less code...

We've Collected All This Usage Data, Now What?
Nellie LeMonier
Eclipse Technology

The UDC framework was designed to collect user's usage statistics for the eclipse framework. Although it was in service for many years, and it was recently retired mostly because the cost of...

Anatomy of an M2M Application
Tiziano Modotti
Building Industry Solutions

The most successful creators of M2M applications consider all the moving pieces that make up the application. From sensors and devices at the edge of the network capturing data, through the...

HTML5 Applications with EclipseLink: JSON, JAX-RS, JPA & JavaScript
Shaun Smith [Oracle Canada]
Other Cool Stuff

In the Eclipse Juno release, EclipseLink introduced a set of new features to support the development of HTML5 applications that interact with server side Java using REST. In this session we’ll...

Pluggable Globalization in Orion
Malgorzata Janczarska [IBM]
Eclipse Technology

Orion speaks your language. Learn how to create your own translations and plug them into Orion without any server-side changes. Share your translation...

Enrich your EMF models with Scala
Filip Krikava [Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique]
Eclipse Technology

An EMF model can be enriched with structural constraints and definitions of operations bodies and derived features. While these extensions can be implemented in plain Java, the lack of...

Ask not, what will the future bring for Eclipse. Ask what, Eclipse will bring for the Future Internet: The FI-WARE project
Davide Dalle Carbonare [Engineering Group]
Community and Collaboration

Nowadays more than 2,2 billion users worldwide use Internet, daily, from any kind of device and most of the business relies on the Internet...

Space meets Eclipse : profiling a Space Modeling Language in MDT Papyrus
Alexandre Cortier , Tristan Faure [Atos]
Building Industry Solutions

In this session, we will relate our experience using Eclipse to create a Domain Specific Modeling Language (DSML) with an associated graphical editor using the UML profile solution.


Building an OpenCL IDE
Jeong-Si Kim
Eclipse Technology

OpenCL is a young technology to offer opportunity of heterogeneous computing. However, writing an OpenCL application is not easy because programmer have expert knowledge of GPU/CPU and parallel...

WYWIWYG : Industrial document generation from Models
Anne HAUGOMMARD [Atos], Tristan Faure [Atos]
Building Industry Solutions

Gendoc2 is a "What You Write Is What You Get" solution developed in order to generate industrial documents from EMF models. From a standard OpenOffice Writer (.odt) or...

How Eclipse modeling saves the oil industry
Goulwen Le Fur [Obeo], Sebastien Schneider [IFP Energies nouvelles]
Building Industry Solutions

The ability to build effective and efficient development studios is a major challenge for large companies nowadays.

For several decades, IFP Energies nouvelles (or IFPEN) has been...

Google Guava for Eclipse Developers
Mikael Barbero [Obeo]
Other Cool Stuff

The Google Guava project contains several libraries that Google relies on in their Java-based projects: collections, caching, primitives...

Reduce the gap between business experts and IT with DSL: an Insurance Success-Story
Etienne Juliot [Obeo]
Building Industry Solutions

This talk is about the feedback of a large french insurance company with 2.8 millions of insured members. They needed a tool to get a structured, centralized and unified vision of the P&C (...

Build UIs with Java, Groovy DSL and Wazaabi
Olivier Moises [Generic Concept]
Eclipse Technology

“Groovy is an agile dynamic language for the Java Platform with many features that are inspired by languages like Python, Ruby and Smalltalk, making them available to Java developers using a Java-...

Arctis: Modeling Reactive Java Components
Frank Alexander Kraemer [Bitreactive AS]
Other Cool Stuff

Arctis is a tool that helps you to develop, analyze and generate reactive Java applications graphically, by plugging together building blocks.

How You have Changed - You Look Younger than Ever! An 11-Years Journey on the Eclipse Release Train
Christoph Czernohous [aperti GmbH]
Eclipse Technology

Since Eclipse was first announced in 2001 it has undergone quite an evolution.
The latest release "Juno" was probably the biggest transformation in the history of Eclipse so far.


How to train the JDT dragon
Stephan Herrmann [GK Software AG]
Eclipse Technology

Ever wanted to extend JDT with a cool new feature of your own? Come to this tutorial to learn about the fundamental concepts in JDT and how to apply them in your own plug-in.

Analytics' Need For Speed – Using Column Data Store and EclipseLink for a Near Real-Time Experience
Sabine Heider
Other Cool Stuff

Many popular database systems store tabular data row-wise; for example, all data describing a sales order is stored in adjacent memory locations. This type of data layout is efficient as long as...

Redefining Modularity with Object Teams
Stephan Herrmann [GK Software AG]
Eclipse Technology

Object Teams puts object-orientation on steriods such that classes and objects can be connected in new ways. See patterns of OT/J in action that...

Deployment of JEE6 apps on OpenShift made easy
Andre Dietisheim [Red Hat]
Other Cool Stuff

Are you tired of having to wait for several days to have a ready-to-use development platform?
Would you like to easily and quickly deploy your JEE6 application to JBoss AS7?
Do you...

Rap with AUTO
Niranjan Babu.H.S [Robert Bosch India]
Building Industry Solutions

Few years ago many companies realized the value of Eclipse Platform and the flexibility it provides to fulfill Automotive use cases. Hence Automobile Companies adopted Eclipse as a standard...

Challenges faced by Pakistani Virtual University’s Students in Web-based Learning
Muhammad Mohsin
Eclipse Technology

The study concerned to identified the problems and challenged Web Based Learning faced by master and graduation level students of Virtual University in Pakistan. The main purpose of...

Building a commercial-grade IDE for cross-mobile platform development
Wouter Roosenburg [Service2Media], Jos Warmer []
Building Industry Solutions

Building a product is hard, building a platform is even harder. In this session, we will have a look at the technical and organizational challenges that Service2Media faces while developing an...

DAWN - an Eclipse-based workbench for scientific data analysis and visualization
Peter Chang , Baha Elkassaby
Other Cool Stuff

DAWN ( is a collaborative open-source venture currently being led by large science facilities (mainly, synchrotron...

Collaboration a key ingredient for enhancing engineering efficiency
Shridhar A , Rahul Chandrashekar
Building Industry Solutions

Collaborative software development is the key to drive innovation in today's software industry and to realize increased efficiency. Today's teams are often geographically or organizationally...

Industrial Grade Modeling with Xtext
Christoph Zwicker [Avaloq Evolution AG]
Building Industry Solutions

Xtext has spread at an amazing speed throughout the community and has revolutionized the work with DSLs and compilers for many of us. We use our own DSL SDK built upon Xtext to efficiently...

Building OSGi bundles on the fly
Frank Lyaruu [Dexels]

OSGi is all about dynamically adding and removing code from a running application, but compiling and building new bundles at runtime isn’t very common. Nevertheless it is possible, and...

Marrying JEE and OSGi using DSLs
Kai Honsel [Avaloq Evolution AG], Christoph Zwicker [Avaloq Evolution AG]
Building Industry Solutions

Java EE 6 has eliminated many of the drawbacks of previous Java Enterprise Editions, and is a strong choice regarding Standardization, Performance and Scalability. On the other hand, OSGi as...

The record of a successful Eclipse-based product
Matthias Kempka
Building Industry Solutions

A legacy product was developed by a series of single developers. After a while the number of feature requests rose while the only work that was actually being done was bug fixing. Maintenance...

Textual and Graphical DSL @Eclipse
Aurelien Pupier [BonitaSoft S.A.]
Eclipse Technology

Eclipse Ecosystem provides several ways to implement your own Domain Specific Language (DSL), which could be a Textual DSL, a Graphic DSL or even a combination of these.
While attending...

SAP JVM Debugger: Making remote debugging painless
Michael Wintergerst [SAP AG]
Other Cool Stuff

Have you ever tried to debug Java applications over a Wide Area Network (WAN) connection?

Do you feel the desire for debugging Java applications running in a Cloud environment?


Advanced Trace Analysis: From Kernel to Model
Bernd Hufmann [Ericsson]
Eclipse Technology

The Tracing and Monitoring Framework (TMF) is part of the LTTng Integration of the Linux Tools Project in Eclipse. The purpose...

Building your own Eclipse IDE
Dirk Fauth [BeOne Stuttgart GmbH]
Building Industry Solutions

Companies often use Eclipse as their IDE. And often they want a customized version with a customized branding and special company related plugins. When using CBI, the resulting Eclipse...

Why do EMF and Xtext build with Buckminster?
Dennis Huebner [itemis], Sebastian Zarnekow [itemis]
Eclipse Technology

At first glance it is easy to build Eclipse projects: import them into your workspace and the Eclipse builder takes care of the rest. In the blink of an eye everything is compiled, ready to be...

SAP NetWeaver Cloud -- "The Most Eclipse PaaS" on the Market
Kaloyan Raev [SAP]
Building Industry Solutions

The Cloud has been dominated by the Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) topic for the last couple of years. If you wonder how Eclipse can be leveraged for building a PaaS, then come and see how we did it...

Collaborative Software Development in Automotive ALM
Rahul Chandrashekar
Eclipse Technology

Collaborative Software development is the key to drive innovation in today's Software
industry and to achieve profitable growth and increased efficiency. Today's teams are...

Collaborative Modeling applied to avionic design: give wings to your team
Alex Lagarde [Obeo], Matthieu Helleboid [Thales]
Building Industry Solutions

The facts: collaborating on models through a configuration management tool is a burden
Using SCM (Software Configuration Management) tools to collaborate around models is a...

All you can Git
Matthias Sohn [SAP AG], Stefan Lay [SAP AG], Sasa Zivkov , Edwin Kempin , Benjamin Muskalla [Tasktop]
Community and Collaboration

Eclipse and many other open source projects are moving to Git, CVS will be retired by the end of 2012, are you prepared?
Want to learn Git and use it within Eclipse?
Or you already...

SAP Release Train for Eclipse
Frederik Thormaehlen
Community and Collaboration

SAP Release Train for Eclipse is an adoption of the Eclipse Release Train methodology at SAP for all of SAP's new Eclipse based products...

Dart Editor
Dan Rubel [Google]
Building Industry Solutions

Dart is a new open source web programming language, and we built the Dart Editor application using Eclipse technology. In this session, we demo all aspects of the Dart Editor with a running...

Eclipse Plug-in Development for the Absolute Beginner
Jon Dearden [BlackBerry]
Eclipse Technology

Feeling a little overwhelmed? Eclipse is a vast and rich ecosystem of technologies, concepts, and buzz words. It's a challenge to get started. This session is about developing plug-ins and rich...

Puttin' On The Rizt: Make Your Eclipse Application Sing & Dance with CSS Styling
Jon Dearden [BlackBerry]
Eclipse Technology

It's easier than ever to make your Eclipse application stand out from the crowd. Give your app impact and elegance with Eclipse 4 declarative styling. This session delivers a step-by-step look at...

Innovate with Polarsys, end user benefits and technology focus
Dominique Toupin [Ericsson]
Building Industry Solutions

The Polarsys industry working group focuses on open source tools for embedded system e.g. Aerospace, Auto, Defense, Energy, Health, Industrial Control, Rail, Telecom. 2013 will be the first year...

Let's write code not configure servers!
Marek Jelen , Steven Citron-Pousty , Andre Dietisheim [Red Hat]
Building Industry Solutions

Tired of waiting weeks to get a server or spinning up and configuring your virtual servers. Come learn about how PaaS can make you into a happier and more productive coder. We will start by...

Product Modeling for SAP Configurators Powered by Eclipse
Tim Geisler [webXcerpt Software GmbH]
Building Industry Solutions

Every SAP ERP and CRM system provides product-configuration technology. Thousands of companies worldwide use this technology to configure product variants in sales and manufacturing. Product...

From Zero to Cloud – and Beyond – in 10 Minutes
Vladimir Pavlov [SAP], Katya Todorova [SAP AG]
Other Cool Stuff

You have just developed a cool new Java EE app. Finding a Cloud to run it is one challenge on its own. Once you get there - it’s great to see it live in a couple of minutes but still there are...

Specifying and transforming interfaces with Franca - based on Xtext/Xtend
Klaus Birken [Harman Infotainment Division]
Building Industry Solutions

Proper handling of interface definitions is key when designing the architecture of large systems. Franca is an open source framework for definition and transformation of software interfaces. The...

Pushing Xtext to the Limit: Lessons Learned with Building a Complex Declarative DSL
Istvan Rath [Budapest University of Technology and Economics], Zoltan Ujhelyi [Budapest University of Technology and Economics]
Eclipse Technology

EMF-IncQuery (

Test from your model, model from your test: integrating Jubula with Papyrus
Raimar B , Markus Tiede [BREDEX GmbH]
Eclipse Technology

UML2 activity diagrams allow control flows to be displayed in a structured and standardized way. In addition they are reasonably easy to create and understand. They offer a good overview, but don'...

Patterns in Graphiti - How to Implement Graphical Editors with Even Less Effort
Michael Wenz [SAP AG]
Eclipse Technology

Writing a graphical editor is a whole lot of work and writing a really handsome editor is even more.

Graphiti eases this effort and...

MASH: Towards End-User Plug-In Composition
Fabrizio Pastore , Leonardo Mariani
Eclipse Technology

Most of the modern Integrated Development Environments are developed with plug-in based architectures that can be extended with additional functionalities and plug-ins, according to user needs....

Declarative Programming: Towards a language that fundamentally abstracts away from time.
Wim Bast
Other Cool Stuff

For some years now, the clock-speed of the CPU’s does not increase significant anymore. We can only increase the performance of our software by making use of the parallelism introduced in the...

Intelligent Mechatronic Systems: Simulate. Generate. Execute.
Robert Wagner [Solunar GmbH], Hendrik Reddehase [Solunar GmbH]
Building Industry Solutions

Nowadays, technical systems have to become more and more ‘intelligent’. For this purpose, systems have to communicate with each other and with their environment. For example, intelligent systems...

Annotating EMF models made easy with EMF Profiles
Philip Langer [Vienna University of Technology]
Other Cool Stuff

Have you ever been in a situation in which you would like to annotate an EMF model with additional information, but the last thing you wanted to do was to change its metamodel to made that...

EMorF – model transformations made easy!
Robert Wagner [Solunar GmbH], Lilija Klassen [Solunar GmbH]
Eclipse Technology

In this talk, we present EMorF – a model transformation tool for EMF [1]. EMorF supports in-place and model-to-model transformations in one tool. The model transformations are specified...

Understanding and Participating in OpenJDK
Donald Smith
Community and Collaboration

OpenJDK is the place to collaborate on an open-source implementation of the Java Platform, Standard Edition, and related projects.

This session will explain the OpenJDK Governance model,...

Making Mylyn the Agile Oil, and Glue, for your ALM stack
Steffen Pingel [Tasktop]
Eclipse Technology

The heterogeneous ALM stacks commonly found in enterprises challenge users with a lack of integration. Data in systems deployed across the organization gets out sync causing a disconnect between...

The Future of ALM: Developing in the Social Code Graph
Mik Kersten [Tasktop Technologies]
Other Cool Stuff

The open source movement has turned the Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) landscape on its head by creating tools that enable the inmates to start running the software asylum. Just as the...

How To Outfox Testers and Avoid Embarrassment at Standup Meetings
Zeb Ford-Reitz [BREDEX GmbH]
Eclipse Technology

Let's face it: One of the more embarrassing things that can happen to you as a developer is finding out at the standup meeting that you've broken the previous night's tests. Everybody pointing and...

Eclipse goes Mobile: Cool APPs in an hour for Android and BB10
ekkehard gentz [ekkes-corner UG]
Other Cool Stuff

Eclipse isn't only a IDE for Java, but also for C++. I'll develop a fully functional mobile application for SmartPhones and Tablets in less then an hour using Eclipse Java IDE for Android 4 and...

Continuous testing with Jubula – where the rubber meets the road!
Markus Tiede [BREDEX GmbH]
Eclipse Technology

You've got software. You've got a list of features to implement. You've got some automated tests. You've got upcoming releases. The only glue that is going to make this scenario work is Continuous...

Loving your users and testers – and getting them to love you back
Alexandra Schladebeck [BREDEX GmbH]
Other Cool Stuff

If there are two –ability words that can strike fear into the hearts of even hardened development teams, they are usability and testability. Terrifying topics, that may have something to do with...

What every Eclipse developer should know about Eclipse 4 (e4)
Jonas Helming [EclipseSource Munich]
Eclipse Technology

This tutorial will give you a jumpstart into the new concepts of the Eclipse 4 Application Platform. If you have previous experience developing with RCP 3.x, but limited or no experience with e4,...

Continuous Inspection with Sonar
Olivier Gaudin [SonarSource]
Other Cool Stuff

Fight the 7 Deadly Sins of the Developer !

The job of a developer has evolved strongly in the last 10 years, pushed by new requirements and new tools. Software Development Industry has now...

Boosting the Publish-Subscribe Pattern of the Event Admin Service
Gerd Kachel [kachel GmbH]

Each model has its inherent limitations. In case of the powerful OSGi event model, the limitation is the lack of limitation itself. Especially when is comes to the question "Who consumes which...

Mars Robot Sample Application as OSGi PetStore?
Christian Baranowski [SEITENBAU Gmbh], Jochen Hiller [Deutsche Telekom AG]

The OSGi Users’ Forum Germany organized two OSGi Code Camps in 2010 and 2011 [1][2]. During the camps we tried to bring OSGi beginners and experts together to...

Home Automation for Geeks
Thomas ichstädt-Engelen [innoQ Deutschland GmbH]

There are by now many commercial offerings with OSGi-based service gateways, but most of them do not go beyond the primitive use cases of an "All off" button or reducing the room temperature at...

Pelix/iPOPO: When Python gets a taste of OSGi
Thomas Calmant [isandlaTech], olivier gattaz

Dynamic runtime adaptations are a key feature for long-running applications. OSGi is a good choice to develop such applications in Java.
However, as dynamic scripting languages (such as...

The quest for simplicity or how the Atlassian Plugin System tries to hide OSGi's complexity
Fabian Kr [Atlassian]

"In this talk we have a close look at how Atlassian is leveraging an OSGi container in order to provide flexible yet simple extension points to her third-party developers and customers.

Managing Installations and Provisioning with the Apache Sling Installer
Carsten Ziegeler [Adobe]

There are many different solutions for provisioning an OSGi application and maintaining its modules. The OSGi Installer from the Apache Sling project is a generic installation mechanism and...

EMF Components: easy binding between Model and UI
Lorenzo Bettini , Francesco Guidieri , Vincenzo Caselli
Eclipse Technology

Emf Components is a lightweight framework that allows easy and quick development of EMF-based Applications and provides a set of customizable widgets ready to be used.

Transforming 35 products into one Unified RCP application
Sébastien Gandon [Talend.]
Building Industry Solutions

A short time ago, we had to build and distribute our products individually. But, thanks to our unified application, a single build and binary deliverable is now possible for all products....

Adaptive in-production monitoring of an OSGi Smart Home box
Andre Bottaro [Orange Labs], Yoann Maurel , Piotr Judycki

A new world of applications emerges in the home thanks to the growing variety of sensors and actuators available. Several application domains are considered, e.g., security, energy efficiency,...

Easy OSGi Admin
Chris Frost [SpringSource / VMware]

This talk will cover a number of systems that allow you to easily inspect and manage an OSGi based runtime. We will start with a quick look at the OSGi Enterprise JMX spec and how to use Gemini...

Digital management of the railway sector through OSGi
Bruno Volckaert

The TRACK project is a recently finished demand-driven research project conducted in cooperation with industrial partners active in the railway domain (Televic Rail, Bombardier, Nokia Siemens...

OSGi for mere mortals
Bertrand Delacretaz

Is OSGi just for gurus, or are mere mortals actually able to use it?

The sample RESTful server application presented in this talk demonstrates that the average Java developer can actually...

Behaviour Driven OSGi Development
Jan Stamer

Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) is an agile technique to develop software. In BDD the requirements written down to establish a common understanding. These requirements are then automated as...

Eclipse 4 - Using Spring OSGi services for dependency injection and how to define own annotations
Lars Vogel
Eclipse Technology

This talk consists out of two parts.

In the first part we see how we can use Spring blueprint services to define Spring Beans as OSGi services. This enables us to use these services in...

Open Services Framework, an OSGi Based Service Execution Project
Ender Aydin Orak
Building Industry Solutions

Open Services Framework is an OSGi based open source project that enables mobile operators and 3rd party service/content providers to create and deploy their own services through multiple channels...

OSGi in the cloud - quo vadis?
Juliana Quadri

Modularity as in OSGi solves a major issue with architecting elastic applications for the cloud. Cloud resources are inherently dynamic in their nature and undergo frequent changes either due to...

The Quest for Simplicity
Debra Moses

In this talk we have a close look at how Atlassian is leveraging an OSGi container in order to provide flexible yet simple extension points to her third-party developers and customers.


Android and OSGi: challenges and solutions
Angelo van der Sijpt

We present the case of the iServe, an Android application and hardware platform intended for use by disabled persons. It makes the user less dependent on others, by giving him back control over...

Subsystems: developing Enterprise OSGi Applications
Emily Jiang

The OSGi framework provides a powerful runtime for the Java platform, which promotes strong modularity, versioning and dynamic management of bundles. Bundles installed in the framework are...

Eclipse Lyo: Re-thinking tool integrations
Michael Fiedler [IBM Rational]
Other Cool Stuff

Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration (OSLC) challenges the conventional thinking of API-based product integrations. OSLC provides a way to integrate applications just like the web integrates...

Gyrex Cloud Contest
Gunnar Wagenknecht [Tasktop], Andreas Mihm [AGETO Service GmbH]
Eclipse Technology

A contest to demonstrate clustering capabilities of Equinox and Gyrex. The contest will be performed during EclipseCon. The contest is meant to be run from the first day of the conference till the...

Developing OSGi Components with Annotations
Carsten Ziegeler [Adobe]

This session demonstrates the easy and straightforward usage of well established annotations to develop OSGi components and services. It introduces the open source tooling from the Apache Felix...

How to compile a Microsoft Windows RCP installer with NSIS using Linux
Philip Wenig [OpenChrom]
Other Cool Stuff

No doubt, Eclipse and RCP applications are marvelous. It's no big deal for developers to install RCP applications and to fix problems like a missing Java Runtime Environment (JRE). But customers...

Making the Most of Hudson:Using the REST API
Susan Duncan [Oracle Corporation]
Eclipse Technology

Are you looking to make more of your Hudson server? Have you considered making use of the REST API? Using the example of the Hudson Mobile Monitor for iPhone, this session will demonstrate how you...

Project Jigsaw: Putting it Altogether
Dalibor Topic
Other Cool Stuff

Project Jigsaw aims to create a simple, friendly, and scalable standard module system for the Java platform. This session explains its key goals and design choices, demonstrates its use, and shows...

BahBahChat: Implement a Multi-Frontend Chat Application based on Eclipse Scout
Judith Gull , Matthias Villiger , Matthias Zimmermann [BSI Business Systems Integration AG]
Eclipse Technology

After a brief introduction to Eclipse Scout and building a first "hello world" application, we start with the explanation of the provided initial BahBahChat workspace.
You will learn how to...

What every Eclipse Developer should know about Hudson and CI
Susan Duncan [Oracle Corporation], Winston Prakash [Oracle Corporation]
Eclipse Technology

Continuous Integration should be the cornerstone of your development project. But have you embraced it yet? Whether you are working on an Eclipse project, in an enterprise development team, behind...

Best Practices for Hudson CI
Susan Duncan [Oracle Corporation], Winston Prakash [Oracle Corporation]
Eclipse Technology

Hudson CI server is often used merely as an automated build system and to run tests. But is it at the heart of your development process? Is it providing the fast, self-testing, automated feedback...

Eclipse and Linux - current state and future plans
Krzysztof Daniel [Red Hat]
Eclipse Technology

Growing virtualization contributes to Linux popularity. And with Linux comes Eclipse, as the most popular IDE. In this talk I will explain:
* how Eclipse is prepared to support...

Dynamic RIAs with OSGi and Vaadin
Kai Toedter

When you want to use OSGi on the server-side, there are only a few options when it comes to dynamic and modular UIs. Besides RAP (Rich Ajax Platform), Vaadin is another UI toolkit that integrates...

Efficient JavaScript unit testing
Hazem Saleh [IBM]
Eclipse Technology

One of the biggest challenges of many enterprise web applications is the support on the different browsers with different versions. JavaScript code that runs on Safari does not necessarily mean it...

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants
Thomas Rose
Other Cool Stuff

Everything that we utilise these days was once a mere idea. Be it a glass that we use for drinking, a microphone that we use for speaking or a concept for IT service management like ITIL –...

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