Keynote Speakers

There's something for everyone with this year's featured speakers for EclipseCon Europe and OSGi Community Event. All three presenters are experts in a field that is both interesting and relevant to our 2012 attendees.

Jörg Lamprecht

Lamprecht photo

The Future Is Unmanned

Jörg Lamprecht is the founder and CTO of Aibotix, a company with the mission to build the next generation of flying robots. Before Aibotix, he founded Qitera, a search-as-a service company; Cobion, a web security company; and ONLY Solutions, an industrial image-processing company.

Jörg will be bringing an Aibot drone to the conference; see the videos here.

John Duimovich

Duimovich photo

We Can Do Better: IBM's Vision of the Next Generation of Java Runtimes

John Duimovich, IBM's Chief Technology Officer for Java, has been the lead designer and implementer for the OTI/IBM virtual machine technology for the past twenty years. He played a key role in the development of the IBM J9 Virtual Machine, ENVY/Smalltalk, VA/Micro Edition, and VA/Java Java IDEs.

John also was involved in the creation of Eclipse, and is currently the project management committee lead for the Eclipse Tools project.

Christian Heilmann

Heilmann photo

Welcome to the New Web

Chris Heilmann has dedicated a lot of his time making the web better. He built his first website around 1997 and during the following years worked on lots of large, international websites. Chris then spent a few years at Yahoo building products and training people, and is now at Mozilla.

Chris wrote and contributed to four books on web development, and has written many articles and hundreds of blog posts for Ajaxian, Smashingmagazine, Yahoo, Mozilla, ScriptJunkie, and more.

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