Thank you!

Thank you to the attendees, the speakers, and the sponsors for making EclipseCon Europe 2012 a success! We have such an amazing community!


Attendees had the opportunity to make new connections and meet up with old friends!

Cool Down

The band Cool Down got the party started on Wednesday evening! Everyone rocked out on the dance floor!

Tuesday was HOT!

Thanks to Circus Rambazotti, attendees had the opportunity to learn new and interesting skills on Tuesday!


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ECE Program Guide: Simon KaufMann

Simon KaufMann shares his schedule for ECE 2012. Get a few ideas on how to make the most of your time at the conference.


New Issue of the ECE Newsletter - September

The second issue of the EclipseCon Europe Newsletter has been published. You can read it online here.


Program Committee's Favorite Talks: Achim Lörke

Achim Lörke is the project lead of the Eclipse Jubula project. His company, BREDEX GmbH, is an Eclipse member since 2007 and a Strategic Developer Member since 2010. Achim also represents BREDEX GmbH on the Board of Directors and the Planning and Architecture Council.

His personal favorites:


Bof Submissions are Open

You told us you wanted to pre-schedule BoFs, and we listened!

ECE BoFs may now be submitted using this BoF submission form. (Note that you must be logged in to submit a BoF.)

On Tuesday, there are two BoF sessions: 20:00 - 21:00 and 21:00 - 22:00.
On Wednesday, the two session times are 19:00 - 20:00 and 20:00 - 21:00.

We will accept and schedule BoF submissions as they come in; if you have any questions, please email us.


Program Committee's Favorite Talks: Martin Lippert

Martin Lippert, VMware/SpringSource, worked with Eclipse since its first public release 1.0 and used it as an IDE and as a platform for building highly modular and plugin-oriented business applications. He built bytecode-weaving extensions for various Eclipse versions and runtimes and is now co-leading the team behind the Spring Tool Suite at VMware.

Here are his favorite talks for this year's ECE:

  • The Future of Eclipse
    Eclipse needs to continuously innovate and improve itself as a platform, as an IDE, and as an ecosystem. So looking ahead at the next challenges for Eclipse is important, and brainstorming about what might (need to) come up after the 4.x releases is at the heart of such a conference like EclipseCon and could be inspiring for all of us.
  • Orion - a browser based tools integration platform
    The Orion project at Eclipse is one of the most promising and inspiring projects at Eclipse, at least from my point of view. Looking at the browser as a runtime environment is one of the natural choices when doing software engineering today, and thinking about software development tools themselves as running in the browser it part of our all future, I think. Orion moves ahead into this direction.
  • A regular day as an Eclipse Committer
    A look behind the scenes is always interesting, especially if you would like to get involved in the development of an existing project at Eclipse or maybe even think about proposing a new project. And I am sure Benjamin and Steffen will give a lively and interesting talk on how much fun working on Eclipse projects can be.
  • Tycho adoption: Lessons learned, tips and tricks from the 1st line of front
    Tycho is becoming a standard for building Eclipse-based applications, p2 repositories, plugins, features, distributions, RCP apps, and whatever artifact you can think of. And adopting a new build system is not always as easy as you might think. So its definitely worth to listen to those experiences before doing it yourself.
  • Eclipse Spykit - A Handy Tool for Startup Analysis
    Analyzing performance, especially startup performance, is an important work to do. But it can be really painful to figure out what exactly is happening at startup - and why. I am looking forward to this talk on the Eclipse Spykit to help you with this.

Program Committee's Favorite Talks: Jonas Helming

Jonas Helming, EclipseSource Munich, is project lead of the EMF Client Platform and the EMFStore project . As an active part of the Eclipse community, he regularly writes articles and blog entries, he organizes Democamps and speaks at various Eclipse events.

Here are his picks and why he selected them:


Program Committee's Favorite Talks: Alexander Nyßen

Alexander Nyßen, of itemis AG, is an active committer of the Eclipse Graphical Editing Framework (GEF) project and a regular contributor to various Eclipse modeling projects. He is strongly committed to Eclipse and regularly attends and speaks at EclipseCon conferences and Eclipse demo camps.

Here are the talks he thinks you should attend and why:


Program Committee's Favorite Talks: Christian Campo

Christian Campo is the ECE 2012 program committee chair. (Some of you know him as the project lead for the Eclipse Riena project or as PMC lead on Eclipse RT. Christian is a busy guy.) As PC chair, Christian is very familiar with the talks that were submitted this year. Here are some of his favorites:


Why should you attend this year?

Susan Schwarze of the OSGi alliance explains why everyone in the OSGi and Eclipse communities should attend this year's event; read Susan's recent blog post.


The Schedule Is Live

You can now see the ECE and OSGi schedules in grid form on the Schedule page. Create your own personal schedule by clicking on the star icons in the talk cells. Enjoy!

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