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Glyn Normington SpringSource / VMware
Virgo Project Lead's picture
Graham Charters IBM
Senior Technical Staff Member
Gregory Cochon
Guido Scalise's picture
Gunnar Wagenknecht Tasktop
Open Source Guy
Runtimes, OSGi, Big Data's picture
Harshana Eranga Martin WSO2 Inc
Senior Software Engineer
Eclipse, OSGi, Maven, Distributed Computing
Heiko Barth's picture
Hendrik Reddehase Solunar GmbH
Software Engineer
EMF, RCP, Modeling, Embedded's picture
Henrik Rentz-Reichert Protos Software GmbH
eTrice, Modeling, EMF, Xtext, Graphiti's picture
Holger Schill Itemis
Xtext Committer's picture
Holger Staudacher EclipseSource
Software Engineer
TDD, REST, OSGi and other stuff related to coding...'s picture
Holger Wolf MEKO|S
Software Engineer
RCP, RAP, Tabris, Bussiness Intelligence, Business Logic, Requirements Engineering, Cooking's picture
Hugo Bruneliere Inria / Mines Nantes
R&D Engineer
Software Engineering, Modeling, Reverse Engineering, Enterprise Architecture, Eclipse
Ian Skerrett Eclipse Foundation
Vice President of Marketing and Ecosystem
Ignacio Garro's picture
Istvan Rath Budapest University of Technology and Economics
research expert
Eclipse, Eclipse development, high performance computing, modeling, model queries, pattern matching, model transformations, databases, model repositories, model-driven software engineering's picture
Ivan Inozemtsev Xored
Q7 Dev Team Leader
java, eclipse, fantom, git, tycho
Jan Blech's picture
Jan Sievers SAP AG
Jayant Gupta
Jendrik Johannes DevBoost GmbH's picture
Jendrik Johannes DevBoost GmbH
Devbooster's picture
Jochen Hiller Deutsche Telekom AG
Developer Evangelist Connected Home
Java, OSGi, Equinox, EclipseRT, Eclipse, Android, Embedded, Smart Home
Joerg Penning
Johannes Eickhold EclipseSource
Software Developer
Johannes is a software developer at EclipseSource. He is part of the Tabris team where he brings Eclipse UI technology to the Android platform. As a Ph.D. candidate at the Technical University Munich his main research interests are distributed Java virtual machines and accompanying technologies.'s picture
John Arthorne IBM Canada
Senior Software Developer's picture
Jon Dearden BlackBerry
Senior Software Developer, Advanced Tools
music, travel, photography, investing, software design, 'retro' computing's picture
Jonas Helming EclipseSource Munich
General Manager
e4, EMF, EMFStore, EMF Client Platform
Jörg Ehrlich Adobe
Computer Scientist
Jos Warmer
Owner at sepciualized in language engineering, modeling, meta modeling, xtext, spray, DSL
Juan Flores
Juergen Berger Thales Transportation Systems GmbH
Software Architect / Software Development Engineer
Julian Sommerfeldt EclipseSource Munich
Justin Dolezy
Jutta Bindewald SAP
Development Manager's picture
Kai Kreuzer Deutsche Telekom AG
Developer Evangelist Connected Home
Java, OSGi, Eclipse, Embedded, Smart Home's picture
Keith McFarlane LiveOps, Inc.
CTO, Cloud Platform & Telephony
OSGi, Software Architecture, Contact Center, Deployment, Declarative Services's picture
Ken Walker IBM Canada
Co-lead of the Eclipse Orion Project
Family, Cooking, Cycling, African drumming, Avant-garde music, Travelling, LARPing.'s picture
Kilian Matt Vienna University of Technology
Klaus Birken
Klaus Birken Harman Infotainment Division
Principal Engineer R&D
modeling, EMF, DSLs, architecture, formal methods, embedded systems, Automotive
Knut Wannheden
Konstantin Lvov Excelsior LLC's picture
Krasimir Semerdzhiev SAP AG
Development Architect and Product Expert
Cloud, PaaS, Ops, Java concurrency, Security, OSGi and related technologies...'s picture
Krzysztof Daniel Red Hat
Eclipse Packager
Eclipse, Open Source, Linux, Adom, Freedom, Social Dance's picture
Lars Gelin
Lars Ohlen Tieto Sweden AB
Software Architect's picture
Lars Ostling Vector Fabrics B.V.

Software engineer / GUI developer
CDT, PTP, Java, Flex's picture
Lilija Klassen Solunar GmbH
Software developer
EMorF, tools for model-based software development, Eclipse RCP's picture
Lorenzo Bettini

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