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Rahul Chandrashekar
Ralf Hockner
eclipse, eclipselink, jpa, RCP, OSGi's picture
Ralph Mueller
Robert Mischke German Aerospace Center (DLR)
Applied Researcher
Java, OSGi, Software Architecture, Modularization, Continuous Integration, Build Automation, Usability Engineering, Test-Driven Development, Distributed Systems's picture
Robert Wagner Solunar GmbH
Software Engineer
EMF, GMF, RCP, MDD/MDA, EMorF, embedded systems
Roland Limmer
saadia dhouib
Sasa Zivkov's picture
Sascha Zelzer German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ)
Software Architect's picture
Sebastian Zarnekow itemis
Xtext Committer
Sébastien Gandon Talend.
Senior Eclipse Architect
Eclipse is an everyday work but also a real passion for such a product ecosystem and community.'s picture
Sebastien Gabel DIGINEXT
Software Engineer
Eclipse RCP, Modeling, EMF, GMF, Acceleo, Tycho
Sebastien Schneider
Sen Zhao
Shridhar A's picture
Simon Chemouil
functional programming, components, model driven engineering, Haskell, OSGi
Simon Maple's picture
Sopot Cela's picture
Stefan Lay SAP AG
Git, EGit, JGit, Gerrit's picture
Steffen Pingel Tasktop
Principal Software Developer
Stephan Druskat Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena
Research assistant's picture
Stephan Eberle itemis France
Director Research & Development France
Modeling, embeded systems
Stephan Leicht Vogt's picture
Sven Efftinge itemis
development manager
software development, music, food, kitesurfing
Ted Epstein
Teodor Madan's picture
Thomas ichstädt-Engelen innoQ Deutschland GmbH
Senior Consultant
Java, OSGi, Eclipse, Embedded, Smart Home
Thomas Rose's picture
Thorsten Arendt Philipps-University Marburg, Germany
Research assistant
model-based software development, quality assurance of software models, model refactoring's picture
Thorsten Richter vitasystems GmbH

Software Developer
RCP, RAP, Tycho, Git, Mercurial, D
Thorsten Schenkel compeople AG
Software Engineer
Tim Bond Software AG
Tim Geisler webXcerpt Software GmbH
Managing partner
Timo Rohrberg initplan GmbH
Software Developer
OSGi/Equinox, RCP, RAP, ECF, Tycho, GEF, EMF/GMF
Tobias Leicher IBM
Client Technical Specialist
Beside IT I am interested in Music and Art, Light and Sound Technology, Climbing and Jogging as well as literature.
Tobiasz Dworak REC Sp. z o.o.
Software Architect's picture
Tom Seidel
Tommaso Teofili Adobe
Software Engineer's picture
Tonny Madsen Bording Data
Systems Architect
Eclipse, RCP, Systems Architecture, OSGi, Distributed computing, Java
Udo Walker ABAS Software AG
Developer, Project Lead
GEF, EMF, Xtend, Xtext, GWT, e4, RCP, DSL creation
Veselin Angelov
Vincent Martinez's picture
Vincenzo Caselli's picture
Vincenzo Caselli RCP Vision
Technical Director
Wagner Nascimento's picture
Wayne Beaton The Eclipse Foundation
Director of Open Source Projects
Wim Bast
Wolfram Siefke's picture
Zeb Ford-Reitz BREDEX GmbH
Software Developer / Jubula Committer
automated testing, tycho, e4

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