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Lukas Ladenberger
Malgorzata Janczarska IBM's picture
Manuel Bork Yatta Solutions GmbH
Product Manager's picture
Marc Dutoo Open Wide
R&D Dept Lead
SOA, Web Services, REST, ESB, middleware, Entreprise governance & architecture, BPM, workflow, ECM, web, mobility, M2M, modeling, Eclipse & OW2 communities & projects at large's picture
Marc R. Hoffmann Independent Consultant
Software Developer
Eclipse, OSGi, Sofware Quality, Code Coverage, Software Development Processes's picture
Marc Teufel hama GmbH & Co
Software-Architect, Writer
Eclipse 4, JavaFX, e4, RAP
Marcel Bruch Codetrails
Marco Gambini CINECA
Software Architect
Marian Grigoras
Mark Broerkens's picture
Markus Duft Salomon Automation GmbH
Senior Software Engineer's picture
Markus Knauer EclipseSource
Eclipse Senior Software Consultant
RAP, OSGi, Equinox, Karaf, Packaging, Tycho, Build, Cloud Computing, RAP, EMF, ECP
Markus Oley's picture
Markus Tiede BREDEX GmbH's picture
Martin Lippert Pivotal

Principal Software Engineer
Eclipse, Orion, JavaScript, Refactoring, Spring, Cloud Foundry, Tycho, JVMs, GitHub's picture
Martin Taal Springsite
Software Architect's picture
Matthias Sohn SAP AG's picture
Matthias Steiner's picture
Max Hohenegger's picture
Maximilian Koegel EclipseSource Munich
General Manager
EMF, EMFStore, EMF Client Platform, RCP, Model Repository's picture
Mélanie Bats Obeo
Software Engineer's picture
Michael Jastram Formal Mind GmbH
CEO's picture
Michael Keppler ETAS GmbH
Software Architect, Development Engineer
open source, geocaching, reading, biking
Michael Ochmann
Michael Steiner's picture
Michael Wenz SAP AG
Senior Developer
Graphical Tools, Modeling, Database, Cloud's picture
Mickael Istria JBoss, by Red Hat
Developer, builder's picture
Mikael Barbero Obeo
Eclipse Modeling Consultant's picture
Mike Milinkovich Eclipse Foundation
Executive Director
Mike Tschierschke
Milen Manov
Miriam Dobner Compeople AG
Interaction Designer
Interaction design, information architecture and optimizing the user experience for desktop clients, web and mobile devices.
Monica Lorena Gamazo Alvarez
Moritz Eysholdt's picture
Moritz Hanke Vitasystems GmbH
Project Manager Software Development
Eclipse RCP, RAP's picture
Neil Bartlett Paremus Ltd's picture
Nenko Tabakov Software AG
Senior Software Engineer
Modularity, OSGI, Design Patterns, Distributed Systems's picture
Nicola Portinaro Telecom Italia
Engineer's picture
Nicolas Helou
Oliver Luecking Wincor Nixdorf's picture
Oliver Zeigermann floreysoft
GWT Java Web JavaScript Vaadin Xtext Xtend
olivier gattaz
Olivier Moises Generic Concept
Perri Lavergne Eclipse Foundation
Membership coordinator/Ecosystems Development
Peter Chang's picture
Peter Friese Zuehlke Engineering

Software Architect
Philip Mayer Ludwig-Maximilians-Universit
Postdoctoral Research Fellow's picture
Philip Wenig OpenChrom
Founder of OpenChrom
open source, creative commons, cultural processes of innovation and creativity, sports, photography, making life easier by utilizing computers
Philipp Berg's picture
Rabea Gransberger MEKO|S
Software Engineer
Domain Driven Design, Clean Code, Framework, Sports, RCP, RAP, Tabris, Refactoring, Team Organization, Continuous Integration, Tycho, Maven, Open Source Development

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