Attendees's picture
Achim Loerke BREDEX GmbH
Managing Director
Adamos Loizou's picture
Adrian Mos Xerox Research
Research Scientist
SOA, BPM, DSL, Modelling, Monitoring's picture
Alex Lagarde Obeo
Software Engineer's picture
Alexander Nyssen itemis AG
Software Engineer - GEF Committer's picture
Alexandra Schladebeck BREDEX GmbH
Testing, usability, agile processes's picture
Andre Bottaro Orange Labs
Digital Home Research Program Director's picture
Andreas Kraft Deutsche Telekom Innovation Laboratories
Innovations, OSGi, AAL, Ambient Assisted Living, Home Gateways
Andreas Rytina's picture
Andrey Loskutov Advantest Europe GmbH
R&D Software Engineer
FindBugs, MercurialEclipse's picture
Andrey Platov Xored Software Inc
President's picture
Andy Piper Cloud Foundry
Developer Advocate, committer on Eclipse Paho
MQTT, Cloud Foundry, node, Java, Eclipse Paho, Eclipse Koneki, Arduino, sensors, messaging's picture
Anne Jacko The Eclipse Foundation
Conference Queen
Atle Sander's picture
Aurelien Pupier BonitaSoft S.A.
R&D Engineer - Studio Project Leader
EMF, GMF, Modeling, Performance's picture
Benjamin CABE Sierra Wireless
Open Source Evangelist - Koneki and Mihini project lead
M2M, IoT, Lua, Community, Koneki, Mihini, Arduino, Open-Source Hardware's picture
Bernhard Lutzmann Diligent IT Solutions AG
Software Engineer, Consultant
OSGi, Equinox, Scala, Low-Latency, FX, Electronic Trading
Boris Brodski Freelancer
Boris Jan Bonfils's picture
Cedric Brun Obeo
modeling, eclipse, orion, equinox, osgi, emf, compare, code generation, graphical modeler
Cedric Carbone's picture
Chris Frost SpringSource / VMware
Software Engineer
When not at work Chris likes learning about cool new technologies and occasionally jumps out of aeroplanes (for fun).
Christer Larsson Makewave / Knopflerfish
Knopflerfish OSGi's picture
Christian Campo compeople AG
Project Lead Eclipse Riena, Software Architect
Christian Dietrich itemis AG
Xtext Consultant
Christian Schneider's picture
Christian Trutz CENIT AG
Senior software architect
Christoph Zwicker Avaloq Evolution AG
Head of ice Suite / Lead Software Architect's picture
Cristian Flower Platform / Crispico
Head of Flower Platform development team
modeling, emf, uml, git, collaboration, cdo
Daniel H Hapag-Lloyd AG
IT Architect
SOA, Enterprise Application Integration, Model based development, IT Architecture, Mobile Development, Device Management, EDI Communication Infrastructure, IT Strategy & Architectural Consulting's picture
Daniel Schwering Faktor Zehn AG
Daniel Skarpas's picture
Dave Gruber Black Duck
Director of Developer Programs
David Bosschaert Red Hat
Principal Software Engineer's picture
Dennis Huebner itemis
Build Engineer / Xtext Committer
Xtext, Xtend, Modeling, RCP, Buckminster, OSGI's picture
Dileepa Jayakody WSO2 Inc
Software Engineer
OSGi, equinox, SOA, middleware's picture
Dirk Fauth BeOne Stuttgart GmbH
Senior Consultant
Dirk Mueller's picture
Dobromir Zahariev SAP
Senior Software Developer
Java, Eclipse, Cloud, Mobile Development (iOS)'s picture
Ed Merks itemis
Eclipse Modeling Project Lead
Eclipse, Modeling's picture
Edgar Mueller EclipseSource Munich
Software Engineer
EMF, EMFStore, EMF Client Platform, RCP
Edward Willink Willink Transformations Ltd.'s picture
Eirik F. Wahl Itema AS
System Developer. Consultant for Sintef MARINTEK.
Emily Jiang
Ender Aydin Orak's picture
Eric Clayberg Google
Software Engineering Manager
Eclipse, Smalltalk, GWT, Dart, Classic Arcade Video Games's picture
Frank Bernhardt's picture
Frank Lyaruu Dexels
Java, NoSql, OSGi, MongoDb, Cloud, OpenShift's picture
Gaetan Morice Sierra Wireless
Embedded Tools Manager
M2M, IoT, Lua, Koneki, Mihini, Clojure

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