Home Automation for Geeks

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Standard Talk [25 minutes]

There are by now many commercial offerings with OSGi-based service gateways, but most of them do not go beyond the primitive use cases of an "All off" button or reducing the room temperature at night.

openHAB takes you much further than that: While running on small and cheap embedded devices like the Raspberry Pi, you can explore the world of Home Automation beyond the ordinary: Do a presence simulation with the push of a button; see live charts of your sensor data and adjust your irrigation schedule through Google calendar. openHAB is meant for geeks: It comes with a powerful, Xbase-based scripting language, which allows to easily define every kind of automation logic you could possibly have in mind. Through its modular OSGi architecture it is furthermore very easily extendible, so that it can connect to a multitude of different systems.

This session will demonstrate some of the advanced features of openHAB and introduce the core concepts behind it.

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