Thank you!

Thank you to the attendees, the speakers, and the sponsors for making EclipseCon Europe 2012 a success! We have such an amazing community!


Attendees had the opportunity to make new connections and meet up with old friends!

Cool Down

The band Cool Down got the party started on Wednesday evening! Everyone rocked out on the dance floor!

Tuesday was HOT!

Thanks to Circus Rambazotti, attendees had the opportunity to learn new and interesting skills on Tuesday!


EclipseCon Europe 2012 flickr Feed

Join the group, upload your photos, and see them there!


Presentation Downloads

Speakers, please upload pdfs of your presentations if you haven't already done so! We get a lot of requests for presentation downloads, and it's up to you to provide them. Thanks!


Photos Are Coming Soon!

We have lots of great photos of EclipseCon Europe attendees that will be in the Flickr group soon, so please come back to check the photo mosaic.

If you want to ask about a photo that you saw being taken that is not in the Flickr group, just email us and we'll locate the photo and send it to you directly.


Flight Club Update

You have until Monday, October 29, to finalize your Flight Club entry!

The prize for Flight Club is a small quadrocopter and steering unit. Also, all participants will receive a certificate.

The winner will be notified by Friday (November 2). Thanks again to Aibotix!



To log on to the free WiFi at the FMZ, select ECEAttendee as the WiFi network.

After your selection is made, enter this password: ecewifi1


Powering Up and Powering Down

For power and wired Internet, visit the Power-Up Lounge next to Registration.

If you're feeling the need for a different sort of break, the bar in the Kubus restaurant (upper level, between the two exhibit areas) is open all day and evening. Kubus is also the location for Flight Club, so you can watch the drone action while you relax.


Schedule Changes

These talks have been added to the ECE program:

YAKINDU SCT Domain -Specific Statecharts
Tuesday, 15:30, Theater Stage

Jubula - What's New and Nifty
Thursday, 14:00, Silchersaal

This talk has been moved to a new day and time:

The Future of Eclipse
The new time is Wednesday, 10:30, Theater

These talks have been canceled:

A Platform for the Internet of Things
(14:00, Thursday, Silchersaal)

Porting SWT for GTK+ 3 - What, Why and How
(14:30, Thursday, Silchersaal)


Flight Club Setup

ECE Starts on Tuesday and Christian Campo gives us a sneak peek at the Flight Club setup!


Update: Tutorials

OPEN: Tycho, e4, Orion, and the SOA symposium
FULL: Xtend, EclipseRT, and EMF

To access your registration record, log in on this page and click on the "Access My Registration" link. You can then edit your registration as needed.


Session Feedback

Remember to log-in and click on the appropriate bucket to provide feedback on the sessions you've attended via the website or the EclipseCon Europe 2012 app!

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