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Yoav Landman is best known as the Cofounder and CTO of JFrog - the Artifactory Binary Repository creators, and JavaOne 2011 Duke Choice Awards winner; Yoav laid the foundation to JFrog's flagship product in 2006 when he founded Artifactory as an open source project.
In 2008 he founded JFrog where he leads the future development of the product.

Prior to founding JFrog, Yoav was a software architect and a recognized consultant in the field of configuration management and Java Enterprise applications, with experience of over 15 years in various technical lead roles.

Being strong open source software advocate, Yoav promotes the OSS culture within JForg by providing open source projects like SpringSource and Gradle with complimentary cloud-based Artifactory hosting.
On top of his role in promoting ALM local and cloud based tools for developers, Yoav is hacking around Artifactory and other build related technologies.

Yoav blogs at http://blogs.jfrog.org & java.net and tweets as @yoavlandman.


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