Mickael Istria

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Mickael Istria
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Plugins/RCP Developer
Eclipse in general, Modeling, Builds and quality automation, GMF ...

Mickael is an Eclipse RCP/Plugin developer at PetalsLink. He has been an Eclipse developer since he left school for several open-source RCP projects (Petals Studio, Bonita Studio - Best Eclipse Modeling Tool 2011, Scarbo), a committer for some Eclipse.org projects (GMF Tooling, Nebula, JWT) and a contributor for several other projects (GMF Runtime, SWTBot). He now has strong experience in Modeling and build automation with Tycho, as he has led the efforts of migrating build to Tycho for GMF Tooling and SWTBot, and of (re)integrating JWT and GMF Tooling into the Eclipse release train.
Besides of Eclipse, some of his professional interests are Agility (for Software engineering and teamwork), SOA, BPM and Open-Source.

See also http://mickaelistria.wordpress.com


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