Your First Content Application with the Apricot Project (Presented by Nuxeo)

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Sponsored Workshop

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In this tutorial, attendees will have a hands-on first taste of the Apricot project by creating a sample Content Application based on Apricot.

Going through a simple standard use case, attendees will have a real hands-on experience involving most of Apricot's features including the use of the various APIs (Java native APIs, CMIS and REST apis) and will see how to define their own content type and how to use the various storage subsystems available in Apricot.

Exercises include:
- Exploration of the Apricot project architecture
- Learning the concept behind a content repository like Apricot's
- Working with the Eclipse IDE to make your own Content Application based on Apricot
- Implementing web user interface on top of Apricot
- Implementing REST client calls to Apricot
- Implementing CMIS client calls to Apricot
- Implementing and deploying customized feature with hot reload on your environment, thanks to the extension point system of Apricot