Xtend - A Powerful Tool For Everyday Programming

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Standard [25 minutes]

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Eclipse Xtend2 is the successor to the template language Xpand which has been used successfully in industry and research for years. It does not only include the good parts and lessons learned from Xpand such as polymorphic dispatching and static typing but also introduces unique concepts such as non-static extension methods and smart string processing to create a smooth user experience. As Xtend is built on top of Xtext 2.0, it reuses the powerful expressions and type inference of the Xbase language library and compiles to readable and high-performance Java code.

In this session I will demonstrate that Xtend is not only a nice tool for writing code generators, but also a very powerful general purpose programming language. You will get a first impression of the seamless integration of Xtend with the Eclipse Java IDE and the expressiveness of the Xtend libraries which make Java look like a language from the stone age.