Xcore: Ecore Meets Xtext

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Ecore's success stems from its power to describe deep semantic structure more concisely than Java. The downside are the tools. Certainly Ecore's structured editor is simple and effective and its graphical editor is rich and elegant but both are cumbersome compared to traditional text-based tools. The Xtext framework beckons with a solution: a textual syntax for Ecore. Going one step further, we leverage Xbase to define a concise textual notation for describing behavior and exploit it to implement constraints, derived features, operations, and data type conversion. We call this new language Xcore.

This presentation will explore Xcore's capabilities and demonstrate its powerful tools in action. They provide an experience reminiscent of JDT, as you'd expect, given their roots in Xtext. We'll also show how Xcore can be interpreted dynamically and compiled to Java statically, how it can leverage existing models currently represented as Ecore and GenModel, and how it's possible to convert between the combination of the two traditional forms and the new uniform textual representation. You'll leave this talk with an excellent understanding of some amazing new technology that will be available in the Juno release.


Thanks a lot! Bernd

Thanks a lot!



Hi Ed, Hi Sven We would like

Hi Ed, Hi Sven

We would like to accept your talk as a standard talk. (The vast majority of talks will be standard talks) . Please let us know until Friday if this is ok for you.

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