What the heck are logical models?

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Standard [25 minutes]

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Did you ever broke the code or your models in your SCM? Giving the complexity of today's software systems, physical files are not the only asset in your version control system. Most of the time, complex structures are built on top of linking different files together to a logical unit. This happens in JDT with Java files the same way as EMF allows your to spread your model across different files. With this background, it easily happens that changes get mixed up or you forgot to commit/push all necessary changes into your version control system. Also merging file contents is a task that should be handled by the plugins who understand the specific format of the files. The Eclipse Platform itself provides a sophisticate framework to handle exactly these cases by capturing the logical state of your work and helping to commit the right set of files to your SCM and merge files when updating your working copy. In this talk, we will give a quick overview of how Logical Models can help users to handle the complexity of their systems and how plugin developers can leverage the functionality the Platform provides.
As showcase, we will use EGit which now supports the notion of logical models in combination with EMF Compare, one of the available model providers in the Eclipse ecosystem.
In addition to the demo part, we will give a quick dive into the available APIs and how other projects can enhance their capabilities with the support for Logical Models.