Tycho: the next generation of the build system for Eclipse

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Standard [25 minutes]

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Tycho is a recent addtion to the Eclipse Technology project and is a next generation build system for Eclipse. Its primary goal is to make build automation simple, robust and provide complete parity between IDE and automated build environment. Projects currently at Eclipse using Tycho include the EGit, Tigerstripe and the Memory Analyzer. Outside of Eclipse there is a rapidly growing set of project using Tycho most notable being JBoss Tools, and the Scala IDE for Eclipse.

In this talk we'll discuss the challenges that build systems are facing, how Tycho addresses those challenges and provide comparison with the classic PDE build system. We'll also demonstrate how Tycho integrates with continuous build systems, such as Hudson to provide complete automation for building, testing and releasing Eclipse plugins and applications.


Sure, that sounds good to me.

Sure, that sounds good to me.


Hi Jason, We would like to

Hi Jason,

We would like to accept your talk as a standard talk. (The vast majority of talks will be standard talks) . Please let us know until Friday if this is ok for you.

Thank you