Test-Driven Development of Xtext DSLs

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Standard [25 minutes]

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In the spirit of Test Driven Development (TDD), most people know that it is a good idea to have some tests for the code you have written. After all, you want your functionality to survive the next refactoring, right? Furthermore, you want a minimal application state when hunting down a bug, don’t you? The same applies when developing (infrastructure for) Domain Specific Languages with Xtext. During the last year, I came across several situations where people had a hard time with this. It boiled down to two questions:

What to test?
How to test?

In this talk I will point out the essential spots end elaborate when and how to test them. I will show

  • how testing can greatly enhance your understanding about what is going on inside the frameworks.
  • how tests and language specifications can converge.
  • how to achieve a great test coverage with less effort. After all, for some people testing is not their primary duty.
  • how Google Guice can be used include customized or mocked components into your test-setup.
  • how to parameterize JUnit4 tests with test specifications.
  • how a language such as Xtend can be advantageous to write tests.

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