Starting an Eclipse Project: The first 90 days… and the year that follows

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Extended [55 minutes]

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What are you getting yourself into by deciding to host your project at Eclipse? From the decision to open source your software, to the formal processes for intellectual property and development, all the way up to the generation and care of the community, the road may contain more twists and turns than you expect. Unless of course, you have a map – which is what we’d like to try and give you.

This talk looks at the steps for hosting your project at Eclipse from various aspects, and through two sets of eyes. Wayne Beaton combines his knowledge of the Eclipse and IP processes with the recent experiences of Markus Tiede, a committer on the new Jubula project. Together, they navigate through the “why” of open sourcing software, the “how” it is done at Eclipse, the “what” else to expect, and the “who” of the project – the community.




Great, thx a lot. So just to

Great, thx a lot. So just to make sure: We accept this one and reject the other one, right?

Updated as requested. Alex

Updated as requested. Alex has opted out, suggesting that three speakers would be a little much. Please move forward with this talk. Thanks.


Hi Wayne, we would like you

Hi Wayne,

we would like you to join your talk with Markus' & Alex's talk "Open sourcing a commercial tool – What can I expect?" (–-what-can-i-expect)

The joined talk could be an extended talk where you should focus on the business aspects (Why? What do you gain from it?, ...) as well as the process aspects (What needs to be done? When? How much effort is it?, How to build a community, ...)

If you think this is a good idea, please contact Markus and Alex and rework the abstract accordingly.

Please let us know, if possible, until Friday if the joined will happen and which submission is used for that.

Thank you