Spraying - the natural way to create Graphiti

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Standard [25 minutes]

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The Graphiti framework is a new approach to create highly sophisticated visual editors on top of the GEF framework. Creating editors with Graphiti is fairly simple, but yet repetitive, which makes it a candidate to be supported by the means of model-driven development.

Spray (http://code.google.com/a/eclipselabs.org/p/spray/) provides Xtext based tooling to describe Visual DSL Editors against the Graphiti runtime, and code generation (with Xtend2) to create the boilerplate code for realizing the implementation. Potentially the Spray DSL can be used to generate code for other frameworks as well.

This session will show the Spray tooling to create a Graphiti editor within minutes.


I like this proposal, however

I like this proposal, however when looking at the repository it looks pretty empty. What is the state here?