Scrum on steroids - Building the "perfect" Scrum app with Eclipse technology

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Standard [25 minutes]

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If you ever worked in a Scrum team you know how hard it is to find a proper tool to manage your work. Scrum is mostly just a concept and it depends on the team on how it is implemented in the daily work process. So most tools on the market just don't quite fit. The consequence often is: do it yourself! And so we did.
What better way than to implement the application with various Eclipse projects? Equinox, RCP, p2, SWT, EclipseLink, Riena and even Mylyn helped us build a nice application fit exactly for our needs.

In this talk we will give you an impression on how all these Eclipse components can work perfectly together in a client/server environment. Of course not everything was sunshine and roses, so we would also like to describe the problems we had and how we were able to work around them. See which locking strategy to pick using EclipseLink and how to push the limits of the Nebula Composite- and SWT Table. Let us show you how we used Mylyn bundles for Bugtracker access and made the Scrum metamodel fit into the Riena UI to make a wonderful application for our everyday work.



Sounds cool. Are you thinking

Sounds cool. Are you thinking about making (part of) this available for others?