Scientific application redesign in the oil industry with Eclipse Modeling

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Standard [25 minutes]

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IFP Energies nouvelles (or IFPEN) develops and provides a platform aiming at creating scientific softwares for oil and gas exploration and production industry since several years.

IFPEN is currently redesigning the communication layer of its platform. This is the part that takes care of communications between applications created by the platform and their target supercomputers. In its current version implementing the communication between applications is done through writing of descriptions, but writing them is quite complex and needs to be improved. So IFPEN decided to create a generation tooling based on Acceleo to produce all communication descriptions from specifications.

Preliminary studies led IFPEN to realize an MDE tooling using the code generator Acceleo which automates the production of all communication descriptions.

Alongside this work, IFPEN conducted a second study to automate the production of graphical user interfaces (GUI). This project aims at greatly simplifying the task of GUI definitions. Based on the success of the previous generation tooling IFPEN, in collaboration with Obeo, has made a second tooling based on the Extended Editing Framework (EEF) wich is able to generate complete usable GUIs from a model description.

The first part of this talk will present the work completed to create the generation tooling and the result obtained so far.
The second part will focus on this second tooling and the new features of the EEF component that could be developed through this effort.


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