Requirements Modeling Framework: a Game-Changer

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Standard [25 minutes]

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The Eclipse ecosystem provides a number of projects to support software development and systems engineering. However, in the open source community, one important aspect of the engineering process has been very much neglected until now - Requirements Management. The "Requirements Modeling Framework" (RMF) is a proposed open source project under the "Model Development Tools Project".

The goal of RMF is to provide the community with a solid implementation of the OMG ReqIF (Requirements Interchange Format) standard upon which various requirements management tools can be built as well as integrated. RMF plans to provide a means for data exchange between tools, an EMF based meta-model, infrastructure tooling and user interface.

The talk would provide first-hand information about the new project, its scope and current state. The session would also be chance to inform yourself about the importance of this standardization effort in requirements management domain.