Pimp your productivity with Git, Gerrit, Hudson and Mylyn

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Extended [55 minutes]

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The Git distributed versioning system is being increasingly adopted by the developer community. Using Git for version control makes Gerrit the natural choice for code reviews. Besides source code, requirements and build artifacts lay an important role in the development cycle which are often managed in Hudson and Bugzilla. While these tools enable exciting development process improvements, adapting to new workflows and learning how to push, pull and fetch can be daunting. Furthermore, switching between command line, web-browser and Eclipse-based tool interfaces breaks the flow.
For tasks, Mylyn already streamlines workflow by providing first-class integration with the IDE. The recent Mylyn project restructuring now enables the same integrated workflows for code reviews, builds and version control systems like Git. For example, a developer can use the Mylyn Task List to track a requirement. On task activation, the EGit Mylyn integration automatically branches managing the change in the workspace. Once a commit is pushed Gerrit stages the change, creates a code review and a Hudson build is triggered to execute tests. Meanwhile, the Mylyn Reviews project enables a team member to complete a code review and provide feedback to the developer, all without leaving the IDE. We will show how the tools available in the Mylyn project work together to seamlessly integrate development artifacts in Eclipse and provide traceability all the way from the requirement to the final merge into the production branch.