Peep into different backend with ease and query data from EMF models effortlessly

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Standard [25 minutes]

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EMF Query2 helps you to effectively discover and explore your EMF models.

Till now Query2 had the facility to work only with local file based systems which could have used the Indexing capabilities of Query2. With the advent of new storage framework querying can be done over multiple backend. Now any backend can be plugged into the query framework and be able to deliver results to Query client. Check out the all new storage processor framework. This talk will be going in-depth to show the details of the storage processor framework and how a backend can be integrated.

Also get introduced to the new Index View which helps user to work with the indices. Index View is a wonderful utility to diagnose the indexes.
Also the other key features of Query2 will be shown which will be as following

(a) Testing the Model through the new XText based UI.
(b) Scalability of Model Query when model sizes grow.
(c) How type safety of queries helps.
(d) Query your dirty models. Now Query is aware of persistent and dirty models.
(e) The Index and its related concepts which can be used to improve the performance.
(f) Unleashing info on planned new cool features.

Audience will take away the concept of EMF Query2. It will show how model querying scenarios can be realized efficiently by using EMF Model Query2. They will also get introduced to the new storage processor framework and Index View which will be introduced in Juno. All key features and future plans of EMF Model Query2 will be also shown.