p2, your savior or your achilles heel? Everything an Eclipse team needs to know about p2

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Standard [25 minutes]

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Back by popular demand, Ian and Pascal will present their award winning* EclipseCon 2011 talk.

The Eclipse provisioning platform (p2) has made it possible to scale the annual release train to over 2,000 plugins. While p2 provides possibilities that update manager never could, some teams have struggled with its adoption. During this talk we will discuss some of the pain points that project teams have faced when moving to p2, and discuss some best practices moving forward.
In particular, we will focus on:

1. Building a p2 repository
2. Version strategies for your plug-ins and features
3. Categorizing your components
4. The magic of composite repositories
5. Pooling your artifacts

*Ok, we didn't really win an award, but we had very positive feedback ;-).