Next Generation Equinox Shell

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Standard [25 minutes]

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Secure? Usable? Flexible and extensible? Typically not characteristics of the Equinox shell as you know it today. Ever wished to ssh to the Equinox built-in console or delete something you have written on a telnet connection?

If you’ve had any relation with Equinox so far – you’ve certainly faced with the obvious limitations of the default console implementation. Join our session to find out how the new console project in Equinox Incubator can help you.

The Equinox Incubator Console is based on Apache Felix Gogo shell. It is the reference implementation of RFC 147 - the Command Line Interface specification in OSGi. This new console has the ambitions to substitute the default Equinox console in Juno. It provides all functionality of the Gogo shell, extending it with features such as ssh and improved telnet support, JAAS based user authentication and tab completion, to name a few.

You can find out more about the new console on the project page or download it from

The new console is currently used in Virgo Web Server 3.0.0.RLEASE.