Mylyn Reviews - Introducing Review for Eclipse (R4E)

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Standard [25 minutes]

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Looking for a review tool fully integrated with Eclipse that can preserve your comments at specific line ranges for Java, C/C++ or XML files?
Or that will allow you to register your comments at specific element locations in your EMF based models?

R4E allows you to select commits on multiple version control systems, e.g. Git, SVN, using Mylyn versions connectors.
It will preserve the commit information to allow multiple reviewers to work in parallel, to quickly select the committed files and navigate through the associated differences to carry out the review and register comments. Three types of reviews are available to better adapt to the ways of working in your team: Basic, Informal and Formal IEEE 1028-2008.

R4E interfaces with other tools to integrate the review environment in Eclipse:
- LDAP to resolve contact information of the review participants
- Different mail/calendar systems to automate review notifications and meeting request creation
- BIRT to create metrics reports

The model review features are being developed based on the following improvements: Egit Logical Model support, Papyrus/EMF compare and the Mylyn Context Bridge for EMF based models

This presentation will describe the current and planned features, the architecture and possibilities to extend the functionality.

R4E was demonstrated at Eclipse Hot New Products Showcase and received an honourable mention
It was also presented at Eclipse Demo Camp 2011.
For additional information, see the Mylyn Reviews web site