Multi-bundle Scoping in OSGi

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Standard [25 minutes]

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Multi-bundle scoping techniques are essential for dividing large systems into loosely-coupled collections of bundles. If you are developing a large application with many bundles, you'll want to manage its complexity using a higher-level scoping mechanism than a single bundle.

For example, multi-bundle applications can be scoped to avoid unwanted interference between the applications. Another example is separating "kernel" bundles from applications supported by the kernel in order to increase the stability of the kernel, similarly to the way applications are separated from an operating system kernel.

In this session, we'll explore existing scoping mechanisms: metadata rewriting, composite bundles, framework hooks, and region digraphs.

We'll also look at scoping in the Subsystems draft OSGi standard for multi-bundle applications. Multi-bundle Scoping in OSGi


Tobias, Again, speaking for


Again, speaking for Glyn as he is away. (I have sent him a message but I have no idea if he will get it). Glyn's talk is focusing on the Region work that recently went in to Equinox, and is a part of the latest Virgo release, this makes use of several hooks in addition to the Resolver hook. I believe he intends to cover how Regions are implemented as well as how they should be used by developers. He will also be discussing Regions in the context of the upcoming Subsystems spec.

While there is similarity in the topic I think the content is different and I don't think he will be wanting to combine talks if he has already reduced the content down from an extended talk to a standard talk.


Hi, Speaking on behalf of


Speaking on behalf of Glyn as he is on vacation and difficult to reach. I'm sure he will be OK with giving a Standard Talk.


Hi Glyn, We would like to

Hi Glyn,

We would like to accept your talk as a standard talk. (The vast majority of talks will be standard talks) . Please let us know until Friday if this is ok for you.

Thank you

Hi Glyn, it looks like we

Hi Glyn,

it looks like we have at least to some degree the same topic:

Are you interested in combining our efforts, meaning doing a talk together?

Cheers, Tobias.

The abstract is rather brief.

The abstract is rather brief. You should explain, maybe with an example, what it is used for.