Managing large and distributed Eclipse Server Applications

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Standard [25 minutes]

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Over the last two years, AGETO created a large Eclipse based web application. It runs in a distributed environment within two data centers. A common platform is used which is entirely based on EclipseRT Open Source components. The application can be extended dynamically at runtime to suite the needs of many tenants. In order to scale with tenant needs – especially at high-traffic times – nodes can be added and removed from the deployment at runtime.

This talk will look behind the scenes and talk about the challenges with using and combining the various EclipseRT projects, and the lessons we learned. It also looks at customizations we made as well as other interesting implementation details.

Among the topics that will be highlighted during the talk are:

  • running multiple application versions in parallel on Equinox
  • handling multi-tenant application instances on Jetty
  • managing update deployments in a server environment using p2
  • configuring the cluster using Eclipse preferences stored in ZooKeeper
  • scheduling and scaling background processing using Eclipse Jobs and Quartz


Great, thx! Bernd

Great, thx!


Bernd, I'm happy to accept a


I'm happy to accept a standard talk slot!

Thanks a lot,

Hi Gunnar We would like to

Hi Gunnar

We would like to accept your talk as a standard talk. (The vast majority of talks will be standard talks) . Please let us know until Friday if this is ok for you.

Thank you