Machine-to-Machine (M2M) for Dummies (Presented by Sierra Wireless)

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Sponsored Workshop

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In this workshop, you will have the opportunity to learn what Machine-to-Machine technologies are, and how you can leverage Eclipse Open Source components with Sierra Wireless' offer to develop a complete M2M solution.

Think of the telematics system embedded in your car, which sends an SMS with your current GPS position in case of accident, or the home automation system you may have at home which allows remote management using a smartphone application. These are two examples of M2M solutions among many others. When it comes to development, these applications require many steps: embedded software development, industrial protocols manipulation, client/server communication using bandwidth efficient protocols, storing of the collected data on a scalable infrastructure, etc.

The first 20 minutes of the workshop will be an introduction to Machine-to-Machine and its specificities. We will then guide you through the EclipseCon M2M Programming Contest as a learning example of how to efficiently build an end-to-end M2M solution. A combination of powerful M2M tools and products will be involved to achieve this goal:

  • Sierra Wireless M2M gateway and Open Hardware sensors and actuators, on the hardware side
  • Sierra Wireless AirVantage Cloud Platform to collect the data and provide high-level M2M services to customers and end-users
  • Eclipse Koneki Open Source Lua tooling and Sierra Wireless Tools for AirVantage API. The latter will be used to develop embedded software and B2C applications handling the AirVantage Cloud Platform APIs.

You don't need to have any preliminary M2M knowledge nor particular development skills to attend the workshop (even though there will be a few lines of code showing up from time to time :-)).