Lightweight, Dynamic Webapps Made Easy with RAP and OSGi (Presented by EclipseSource)

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Sponsored Workshop

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This workshop will give you a head start on setting up a dynamic web application project with RAP and OSGi, including build and continuous deployment with Tycho.

You'll learn how to:

  • prepare your IDE for developing with RAP (workspace setup, latest RAP target installation)
  • register your RAP application as an OSGi service (both programmatically and as a declarative service)
  • configure all aspects of the application such as theming, browser title, icon, etc. without extensions
  • prepare your application for dynamic contributions
  • use OSGi's ConfigAdmin service to start a separate RAP application on a different HTTP port
  • configure RAP webapps using annotations on Apache Felix
  • set up a Tycho build for continuous deployment

Participants should bring a laptop with an Eclipse 3.7 IDE. We recommend installing the Eclipse for RCP and RAP Developers package from the Eclipse download site.

To get you started, we'll provide a working example in a Git repository.