Let the sunshine in! News from the Dawn side of life

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Standard [25 minutes]

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The importance of EMF for current and future software projects is undeniable. Thus is the importance for distributed and scalable model persistence, which is perfectly solved by CDO. But now it is time for the next step and to focus on the integration of modeling based user interfaces.

Dawn addresses this need and provides easy integration between EMF-based user interfaces and model repositories. It is focused on enhancing your existing UI with collaborative functions like real-time shared editing, conflict visualization and resolution, authentication, authorization, locking or web-based access to your models.

This talk will briefly introduce the main concepts of Dawn. This includes the basic principles, the Dawn runtime and the generation aspects of the framework. We will explore the main features released with the Indigo version of Dawn (1.0) and will have a look to the interesting feature plan on the road to Juno. A small demonstration will give you an impression how great it feels to be freed from the bounds of local model persistence and to dive into the ocean of true real-time collaborative modeling.