Know your projects with Skalli

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Standard [25 minutes]

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This talk focuses on the Eclipse Skalli project and how it enables an Open Source like development model in large enterprises.

Development infrastructures within large enterprises traditionally are heterogeneous and grown over the years: Different teams within the organization are using different source code management systems on different servers. This leads to closed silos and hinders cross-team communication and collaboration. Unfortunately such infrastructures are there to stay and cannot be replaced that easily.

The new Eclipse Skalli project targets at filling this gap by providing transparency over existing projects. It enables teams to work efficiently by lowering borders to infrastructure services by providing a self-service (e.g. create your project, add an existing source code repository, add a Hudson/Jenkins build job). With this, teams have their infrastructure services at their fingertips. Developers can search through all projects within Skalli, and will be directed to the additional project information (team members, source code repositories, build jobs).

The Skalli project provides an extensible and pluggable core, based on OSGi and Eclipse Runtime technology and a Vaadin based web interface. This can be used as a basis and be adapted to integrate into the existing enterprise development infrastructures.

We will introduce the Eclipse Skalli project, give a short demo, and share our experiences how it changed the working model within our organizations.