Introducing the Visual Editor for XML

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Standard [25 minutes]

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The Visual Editor for XML (aka Vex) is a WYSIWYM editor for XML documents with a long history as sleeping beauty - but it is slowly awakening. Using XML as your document format allows you to concentrate on the content and on the semantics. Vex eases the burden of the angel brackets by hiding them and showing your content in a more readable way. I will demonstrate how to use Vex together with some Web Tools magic to write faster, get sexier results and never get into formatting hell again.

But there is more behind the scenes. You can use Vex also as widget to edit structured text in your application. As an example I will show how to use Vex to edit WikiText in a more (CSS) stylish way.




Today, if you have to write documentation you have to choose between either rich-structured text (e.g. DITA or DocBook) or a Wiki format. A Wiki supports distributed editing but doesn't support a specification of the structure (e.g. by a DTD or a XML Schema). Florian's Wiki text editor prototype with a word processor like interface may combine both advantages.

I also like his presentation style (last year I gave a talk with him at the DemoCamp Stuttgart).