How to improve the performance of your eclipse based application

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Standard [25 minutes]

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Bonita Studio* is a widely used application based on Eclipse RCP. In this talk, we will share some specific examples of the application of Eclipse Tools we are using to improve memory usage and increase overall execution speed of our RCP application, which we think can be more widely used in the Eclipse community.

We will show how MAT, TPTP and Sleak help us to spot, fix and improve performance issues due to:
- duplicated libs in programmatically deployed war on a Jetty server;
- memory leaks in SVG Figure;
- time wasted loading due to repeated loading of EMF resources;
- time wasted at startup (optimization needed);
- inefficient refresh of the workspace;
- system handles for memory leaks.

We will explain the solutions we considered and dropped, as well as those we chose and what we contributed back to the community.