How to Create 30 Automated UI Tests per Day (Presented by Xored)

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Sponsored Workshop

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If you're skeptical about functional/UI testing of Eclipse-based products, you should attend this workshop. We will show how you can use the free Q7 functional testing tool to create UI tests for your Eclipse Platform, GEF, and GMF-based applications. Resulting tests will run on various platforms, independent of the platform windowing system, workbench size, order and/or subset of tests to be executed, and initial state of the system under test - which explodes a myth about UI tests being fragile.

We will show how your test plans can be automated with this free tool and then maintained by a non-technical person, producing dozens of test cases per day, and how test engineers can write complex assertions that are not limited to UI but cover a wide set of functionality of your Eclipse plugins and/or RCP applications. TDD/BDD fans will be happy to see how testing scenarios can be written with an external DSL to test upcoming features before they are implemented.